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Name of the partner: Dobrovolnické centrum, o. s.,
Location: Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic

The mission of our organization is to promote and support the idea of volunteering, and to encourage citizens to participate in volunteer activities. The Volunteer Centre o.s. has worked in the region of Ústí nad Labem since 1999. We organize recruiting training and further education of volunteers. We give lectures on volunteering and implement our own volunteer programmes involving volunteers into services provided directly to clients who are in need of care, such as disadvantage/disable families with children and young people, senior citizens, unemployed people etc.  To fulfill our mission, we co-operate with the Municipal Council of Ústí nad Labem, state institutions, organizations providing services, and other NGOs.We also participate in cross-border cooperation with Germany and Poland, sports events and provide volunteer service in museum and library.

Website: www.dcul.cz
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Name of the partner: Hodina H
Location: Pelhrimov, Czech Republic

Hodina H mission is to get and provide information mainly to children and youth, ensure their right for information in this way, support sustainable lifelong learning and personality development, fully-fledged leisure spending, develop international cooperation, volunteering, active involvement of children, youth and local community in public affairs, support civic education and ethical education, support community life and its development. Special emphasis is put on work with children, youth and young people with fewer opportunities. Parallely are not omitted seniors, parents with children and public.

Hodina H defined its 4 key priorities: Non-formal learning, information, personality development, volunteering.

Volunteering is one of the Hodina H priorities. Hodina H works with the local volunteers and also the foreigner ones in the frame of the European voluntary service under the programme Erasmus+ (former Youth, Youth in action). We also worked with volunteers under the Amicus programme and are active in the senior volunteering under LLP programme. Hodina H developed learning process system which Hodina H applies with all the volunteers to guide them in the personal and personality development to help them to realize new competences, knowledge and being able to work with learning to learn competence. Hodina H promotes and supports volunteering in the local community, in its surrounding and everywhere where Hodina H works or has its representatives on workshops, training courses, seminars, debates and all non-formal education events.

Website: www.hodinah.cz
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Name of the partner: Fundacja Centrum Aktywnosci Twórczej, Centre for Creative Activity
Location: Leszno, Poland

Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej /CAT/ established in 2008 is an international non-profit exchange organisation promoting mobility, intercultural learning and international voluntary service. Our goal is a society based on participation, solidarity and cooperation.
FUNDACJA CAT achieves its goals through the organization of workshops, exchanges, courses, conferences, various cultural events and festivals. We provide non-formal education activities and mobility opportunities for the people from different age group from the province and region. Our main local partners are cultural centres, educational institutions - mainly schools with whom we implement educational and mobility projects.
We are a REGIONAL EURODESK point. We are also a partner organization of the 2 European networks: YEU and IYNF and Anna Lindh EUROMED foundation. FUNDACJA CAT has been active in the world of international cooperation  for many years.
The CAT Foundation is always open to inspirations and suggestions of many partners and volunteers. This way many of important Foundation’s initiatives have been undertaken.

Website: www.fundacja-cat.pl
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Name of the partner: Academic Volunteers Center PWSTE  Jarosław
Location: Jarosław, Poland

We are running the Academic Volunteers Center at the Bronisław Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław (PL) since 5th November 2013, established by JM Rektor prof. Wacław Wierzbieniec. Our activity started early in 2012, mainly on the initiative of the students (Poles and Ukrainian & EU Erasmus). “ Our goal is to help the needy “

Voluntary work is our mainly based on a conversation with another person. We try to arouse in every sense of value and that they can always count on our help. Also enable young people – students to participate in a number of workshops and trainings for voluntary and social works. We hope that our activities will expand the region area from year to year. We want to expand our volunteers knowledge and skills. Youths volunteering is an excellent field for such a human & social development. The PWSTE Academic Volunteer Centre carries out its goals by: volunteering in residential institutions, including common rooms, orphanages, hospices, hospitals, social assistance resorts, resorts for disabled people.

Website: www.pwste.edu.pl/about-us
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Name of the partner: Centrum dobrovol’níctva
Location: Banská Bystrica, Slovak Republic

Volunteer Center was founded in 2000, in the Banska Bystrica City, Central Slovakia. Our mission is to increase human potential, to improve the quality of life through volunteering and so to contribute the building of a civil society. Centre is based at the Matej Bel University and it is actively participating in the community life and important actions. It cooperates with local municipalities, schools, NGOs as well as businesses.

Our goals are to motivate people for volunteering; to increase awareness and interest of people in volunteering; to raise the credit of volunteering in the eyes of wide public and to improve the quality of volunteer management within volunteer involving organizations

Website:  www.centrumdobrovolnictva.sk
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Name of the partner: Talentum AlapítványTalentum Foundation for the Support of Volunteering
Location: Szeged, Hungary

 „Talentum Foundation for the Support of Volunteering”, was established in 2002. Its mission is to train, improve, gather up individuals, communities, coworkers and volunteers of non-governmental organisations; support self-organisations; represent and spread the culture of volunteering. Our aim is to establish a basis which enables individuals to work efficiently in a value-oriented way for different communities, non-governmental and church organisations. In order to reach these goals our service centres pursue a wide range of activities as Volunteer Centre of Csongrád County,

Our organisation possesses the Volunteer Centre title since 2006. First, it brought along acting only in Szeged; later we became responsible for coordinating Volunteer Points(11 Points in smaller settlements), other non-governmental organisations and volunteers on a regional level.The centre’s primary goal is to spread and improve the culture of volunteering for which we pursue several activities. In addition, we organize thematic volunteering and take part in international activities as a member of CEV (Centre Européen du Volontariat, European Volunteer Centre) and Eurodesk.

Website: www.talentumonkentes.hu
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