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Good practices

HU 2006, January 1
The involvement and sensitization of the employees of a given company towards social problems. It is a workday when the employees do physical work in groups to help the work of the institution/organization, development of infrastructure.
HU 2010, January 1
The program aimed at training and coaching multiplier volunteers who are motivated to promote the idea of volunteering during a lesson in secondary schools and institutions of higher education with the methods of experiential and non-formal education
HU 2009, January 1
The aim of the program is to improve and maintain the physical and mental well-being of long-term care patients with the help of volunteers.
HU 2011, January 1
The overall aim of the program is to promote  volunteering at high-visibility festivals and other big events.
CZ 2014, January 1
Intercultural exchange of volunteers
CZ 2014, January 1 to 2014, December 31
Corporate volunteering of Tesco employees
CZ 2008, January 1
to monitor the learning process of the volunteers while pariticipanting in the international projects
CZ 2013, January 1 to 2013, December 31
to share the interesting information for youth in local schools
CZ 2011, January 1 to 2012, December 31
To support community life and senior volunteering by exchange of group of 6 seniors for 3 weeks in different areas and involving them in volunteering activities in the town withing various fields – work with children and youth, local events for public, work with seniors, charity work etc.
HU 2010, November 1 to 2011, April 30
Awaken and strenghen the students’ empathy, sensitivitiy, helpfulness.
HU 2013, January 1
The main goal is to promote culture and the activities of the theatre, to facilitate the operation of the theatre.
HU 2013, January 1
SK 2012, October 1 to 2014, September 30
D-zručnosti pre zamestnanie is one of the main outcomes of the VOLWEM (Volunteering as Way to Employment) Project.
SK 2013, January 1
The goal of the project is to raise interest and engagement in volunteering.
the strengthening of NGO capacities and the improvement of functioning of civil society through the help of volunteers who are experts in specific areas
the support of corporate volunteering and the real help to specific community organizations (thousands of volunteers are helping to various NGOs, schools and municipalities in many towns in Slovakia; volunteers are involved into various types of activities)
SK 2011, January 1
The aim of the school is not only to provide its students with knowledge and to get them ready for their future occupation but also to form their attitudes, to lead them towards respect for ethical and humanistic principles.Volunteering of students complements the school profile – it is a benefit not only for students but also for the school itself. The chance to get involved into volunteering in social area helps to deepen and develop social and emotional competences of students. At the same time, the students also develop their professional competences and skills as the volunteering is carried out in the partner organizations where the students also have their vocational practice.The volunteering program was established at the school because of the long-term cooperation of the school with the NGOs in the town Levice.
Workcamps serve especially as a mean for mutual communication and creation of new friendships between young people coming from different countries. The overall success of it is dependent on the enthusiasm, open mind, and healthy optimism of individual participants to do something useful together. Workcamps provide an opportunity to explore the potential of an international group of young people who work together and spend their leisure time together. All workcamps reflect the needs of local communities and require the engagement of sponsors (local community or municipality).
SK 2007, January 1
The LEAN ON ME Program is a Slovak version of the Big Brother Big Sister Program. The aim of this program is to support the inclusion of socially marginalized children and children with the risk of social exclusion, and to support these children with an alternative for leisure time activities through the friendship with a volunteer who would provide them with the support, steadiness, and trust but also with the development of their social skills and personality.
SK 2000, January 1
To improve the quality of life of young Roma people living in socially marginalized communities in Eastern Slovakia.Specific objectives:•    To create a space for the development of individual talents of Roma children and youth;•    To systematically support Roma Scout leaders in their work within communities;•    To create attractive program for a meaningful leisure time activities for children and the education for Roma Scouts;•    To contribute to the increase of employability of young Roma people and their integration into the society;•    To present activities of Roma Scouting to public and to support the mutual cooperation between Roma and non-Roma Scouts in Slovakia.
SK 2014, April 1 to 2014, December 31
The main aim of the project was to involve young people with fewer opportunities into specific short-term and long-term volunteer opportunities in organisations and communities they live in. Another project objective was to raise awareness of volunteering opportunities among these young people and naturally, through good examples also to inspire similar activities. In order to fulfil these aims, the Platform cooperated with volunteer centres, volunteer involving organisations as well as advocacy organisations working with people with fewer opportunities.
SK 2012, October 1 to 2014, September 30
VOLWEM Project wanted to contribute to the creation of the following conditions in Slovakia: job centres (labour offices) are aware and accept volunteer opportunities as a way to gain experience and motivate unemployed people for such activity; volunteer centres educate organizations involving volunteers in specifics of work with unemployed volunteers and NGOs are actively cooperating with unemployed volunteers; institutions of formal education are aware about opportunities and existing systems of recognition of non-formal education gained through volunteering; employers are aware about benefits of volunteering and consider the information on active engagement in volunteering of a job seeker as important.

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