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EVS: An awesome summer camp!

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a programme that young people can spend up to 12 months abroad as volunteers helping in local projects in various fields such as the environment, arts and culture, activities with children, elderly people, heritage, sports, etc.



Within the scope of the EVS programme, 10 short term volunteers from 5 different countries (Lithuania, Greece, United Kingdom, La Reunion and Turkey) came to Szeged to organize two intercultural summer camps. The aim was to create fun-packed days focusing on non-formal conversatıonal Englısh teachıng methods. For 5 days of each camp, volunteers are going to present their country and culture as well as offering various workshops about drama, music, cooking, puppet theatre and sports. Then they will create a guidebook for summer camp trainers and future volunteers including activity plans.

During the first week, on-arrival training of volunteers was completed with the participation of Talentum Alapitvany staff. Volunteers quickly embraced Hungarian city life and bonded as a group, despite coming from such different backgrounds. They designed their own activites together considering the interests, backgrounds and the level of English of the target group. The volunteers also evaluated different educational methods to make the camp more effective and to equip teenagers with life-long skills and new found nuggets of information. In conclusion, it was agreed that using mostly non-formal teaching methods would be most appropriate instilling the teenagers with self confidence when speaking English.


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