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Welcome to the website!

Welcome to the website of Talentum Foundation for the Support of Volunteering in Szeged!

Talentum Foundation for the Support of Volunteering non-profit organisation was established in 2002 with the aim of providing support and help for volunteers through trainings, counselling, and various services provided for the volunteers and for the organisations welcoming those volunteers in the Southern region of Hungary. Our organisation has three main fields of activity:

1.    Volunteer Centre of Csongrád County: The center’s mission is to encourage members of society, by representing and advocating the domestic culture of volunteering, to take part in volunteering activities.
Main activities of the volunteer center:
-    Recruitment and mediation of volunteers
-    Maintaining a database of the hosting organisations
-    Spreading the culture of volunteering on events and professional programs
-    Counselling/advising with regard to volunteering
-    Providing preparatory trainings for volunteers and hosting organisations
-    Thematic volunteering programs (volunteering in museum, theatre, hospital, with the elderly, or as a multiplicator).

International volunteering: Talentum Foundation is a member of the European Volunteer Centre (CEV), and we also participate in the work of the EURODESK.
Since 2014, we are an accredited EVS (European Solidarity Corps since 2018) sending, hosting, and coordinating organisation. Within our various long-term projects we usually host two volunteers from countries of the European Union and from  Erasmus+ partner countries. Besides that we organise short-term projects as well on a regular basis from camps with 10 people to projects with only 2 people
List of recent projects (titles and partner countries?)

Be a volunteer in Hungary!
A new type of ongoing international project of Talentum Foundation is managing and supporting volunteers with a scholarship from third-world countries. If you are studying in Szeged and you would like to get to know the city and the people better and do something useful and valuable for the community in your free time, contact us! The local NGOs and state institutions are more than happy to welcome you for volunteering activities in: kindergartens, schools, elderly clubs, hospitals, or even for physical work.

2.    Talentum Intervention and Methodology Centre: The centre’s mission is to improve civilian and non-profit institutes and organisations in the county through trainings, professional programs, events, and workshops. Our centre has an active connection with civilian organisations and institutions in Szeged. We provide organizational development team-building activities for civilians and institutions as well.

3.    Labour Market Service Centre: The centre’s mission is to improve human resources so that the unemployed or the actively working people would become motivated, value-oriented long-term employees. We organise lifelong guidance trainings for high school students applying non-formal methods and providing opportunities for job-shadowing.

Talentum Foundation for the Support of Volunteering
Short name: Talentum Foundation
Talentum Foundation for the Support of Volunteering

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